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What is a deep plane facelift?

A deep plane facelift is one of the most effective and dramatic facelift techniques available. Like any other facelift technique, a deep plane facelift involves making strategic incisions behind the ears and along the hairline. However, unlike traditional techniques, a deep plane facelift releases tethered ligaments, allowing deep tissues to be lifted and repositioned to volumize and rejuvenate your face without giving your skin a taut or stretched appearance.

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Benefits of a deep plane facelift:

  • Reverse the signs of facial aging
  • Make your skin look smooth and youthful
  • Reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and facial creases
  • Ensure subtle and naturalized results
  • Help younger patients delay the signs of aging
  • Achieve longer-lasting results compared to a traditional facelift

Reclaim your youthful vitality and appearance

A facelift is one of the most popular surgical procedures because it reverses the signs of aging. If you have severe signs of aging, such as sagging skin, droopy skin around the neck and jawline, and deep facial creases, you may want to consider a facelift in Greenville. Non-surgical procedures, such as Botox and dermal fillers, can help with mild signs of aging, but a deep plane facelift allows you to take a decade or more off your face.

Over the years, numerous facelift techniques have been designed, each with unique advantages and risks. Generally speaking, different types of facelifts are suitable for different degrees of sagging skin and signs of aging. Dr. Kate Hicks thoroughly evaluates your facial contours and skin, discusses your goals, and recommends the ideal facelift techniques to help you reclaim your youthful vitality. Good communication with your surgeon is essential for positive results, so don’t be afraid to ask questions!

Your facelift consultation with Dr. Hicks

Your facelift journey starts with a thorough consultation with Dr. Hicks. During your consultation, Dr. Hicks will take the time to listen to your concerns and goals, review your medical history, measure the degree of laxity on your skin, and formulate a realistic facelift in Greenville surgical plan. Dr. Hicks will also take your photographs, which may be morphed to simulate your appearance after surgery. She can also share Before & After images of other similar patients to give you an idea of what kind of results you may expect.

What happens during facelift surgery?

Your facelift surgery is performed in an operating room under sedation or general anesthesia, so you won’t feel any pain or discomfort. Dr. Hicks will make strategic incisions along your hairline and behind your ears to make them imperceptible. The extent of your incisions will depend on your goals and underlying anatomy. After making incisions, Dr. Hicks will release the deep tissues that are responsible for creating lines and sagging in your face. She will then mobilize and lift these tissues to help create a more youthful appearance. Your skin will be conservatively trimmed to avoid a stretched look, and then your incisions will be carefully closed.

Depending on your goals and whether you combine a facelift with blepharoplasty, chemical peel, or other procedures, the entire session may last for 3 to 6 hours. After the facelift in Greenville, you will be moved to the post-operative recovery room, where we will monitor you for an hour or two as you come out of anesthesia. Once the effects of the anesthesia have worn off, your caretaker will be able to drive you home so that you may recover in the comfort of your own home.

How long will the facelift results last?

You should think of a facelift as a way to “rewind and reset the clock” on your facial aging. A deep plane facelift will make you look 10 to 15 years younger, but it won’t stop the aging process completely. However, even as you continue aging, you will look younger after having undergone a facelift than you would have without surgery. In the future, you may wish to explore touch-up procedures to maintain an effortlessly youthful appearance.

Will it be obvious that I had a facelift?

Dr. Hicks specializes in facelift in Greenville that help to guarantee a natural appearance. You should expect to look about a decade younger after your facelift surgery, but the results won’t appear unnatural or overdone. The goal is for you to look about the same as you did a decade ago – your facial contours will be smoother, and your wrinkles will be reduced. Furthermore, since Dr. Hicks places the incisions along the hairline and behind the ears, you don’t have to worry about obvious scarring.

What is recovery like after a facelift?

Dr. Hicks will apply bandages and compression garments to your face and neck to reduce swelling. You should expect some bruising, swelling, tenderness, numbness, and other side effects during the recovery period after your procedure. We will prescribe various medications to help control pain and nausea, reduce swelling, and prevent infection. The day after your facelift in Greenville, you will come back for your first office visit, and we will remove the dressing, clean your incisions, and review your post-operative instructions again to ensure that you do not have any questions.

You will have one or two additional clinic visits over the next 6-8 days to have the sutures removed. Dr. Hicks and her team will also continue to check your incisions and review your post-surgery aftercare guidelines, addressing any questions or concerns that you may have. Each patient’s recovery is different, but the following timeline is typical for the average patient:

  • 7-10 days: You may return to work and light activities.
  • 10-14 days: Most patients feel comfortable resuming social activities.
  • 2+ weeks: You may slowly start increasing your exercise activity back to your normal level, but be sure to stop if you feel any discomfort around your face and neck.

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Greenville Facial Plastic Surgery is a cosmetic practice led by Dr. Kate Hicks, a board-certified and double fellowship-trained facial plastic surgeon specializing in cutting-edge surgical techniques tailored towards aesthetic improvements in your face and neck. Dr. Hicks focuses on achieving natural-appearing results and ensures your treatments are personalized according to your unique anatomy and goals. Please schedule a consultation with Dr. Hicks to explore your options for a facelift in Greenville, South Carolina.

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