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What is a neck lift?

A neck lift is most commonly combined with a facelift for optimal improvement in your face and neck contours. In this case, strategically placed incisions are made to allow deep tissues to be lifted and repositioned, while conservatively trimming excess skin. For men who are interested in less invasive procedures, a vertical necklift may be a good option. This involves making incisions within existing creases on the front of the neck to remove excess tissue and achieve better contour of the neck.

Benefits of male face & neck lift:

  • Reverse the effects of rapid weight loss and aging on your neck
  • Eliminate jowls and a double chin
  • Remove excess fat cells from the neck
  • Smooth the contours of your neck and jawline
  • Remove excess skin hanging off your neck (sometimes called a “turkey wattle”)
  • Make your face and neck look slimmer and more chiseled

Reverse the signs of aging

A sagging neck or double chin can negatively affect a man’s appearance and confidence. Sagging skin under the chin (“turkey wattle”) can make you look overweight, even if you’re fit and healthy. Sagging skin on the neck can also make you look drawn, tired, gaunt, and older than your years. You may want to reverse the signs of aging, but perhaps you’re concerned about looking stretched or overdone.

Dr. Hicks performs a highly personalized and discreet male neck lift. She ensures your neck lift incisions are placed strategically where they’re not easily visible. Furthermore, instead of trimming away a large volume of skin, she removes just enough to smoothen your contours without leaving a “stretched” appearance. Dr. Hicks aims to reverse the signs of aging without leaving any obvious signs of cosmetic work. You will look several years younger, but you will not look artificial or “overdone”.

Male neck lift vs. female neck lift: what’s the difference?

The main differences between face and neck lifts in women versus men is the location of the incisions and repositioning of underlying tissues. For men, incisions must be designed with sideburns taken into account. Additionally, underlying tissues must be lifted and contoured in a way that makes a man look more youthful, without looking feminine; for example, there is usually less emphasis on volumizing the cheekbone area in men than in women. Finally, men typically have thicker hair follicles and ruddier skin on their necks, which may make a vertical neck lift a good option. This type of neck lift involves making incisions on the front of the neck, which often “hide” very well in men.

Schedule your neck lift consultation with Dr. Hicks

Dr. Hicks performs a thorough consultation before the procedure to understand your goals. She reviews your medical history, discusses your goals and concerns, understands your lifestyle, and asks why you’re pursuing a neck lift. She also walks you through every step of the neck lift procedure so you know what to expect. After a thorough consultation, she curates a personalized neck lift plan that ensures natural-looking results. Please schedule an appointment to explore your male neck lift options in Greenville, South Carolina.

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