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Make your lips look fuller and more youthful

You may have thin lips because of natural genetics or the age-related loss of volume from the lips. As you grow older, the bones in your midface shrink, and the muscles and skin around your mouth undergo changes, making your lips look thin and lined. Elongated lips may also cover your upper teeth, leading to a weaker smile. Dr. Hicks provides a highly personalized lip lift to help restore youthful contour and volume to your lips.

What is a lip lift?

A lip lift is a surgical procedure that elevates the lips to a more youthful position. Dr. Hicks makes a strategic incision just beneath the nose, removes a small segment of skin, and repositions the upper lip, making it look fuller and more youthful. The primary benefit of a lip lift is that it reverses the signs of aging and makes your lips look fuller and more luscious, giving you more confidence in your smile. This procedure may be combined with other treatments, such as a laser or chemical peel, to provide the most comprehensive rejuvenation possible.

Benefits of a lip lift:

  • Reverse the signs of aging on your lips
  • Make your lips look fuller
  • Improve the contours of your lips
  • Improve facial contours and harmony
  • Enhance your smile.
  • Increase your confidence

Your lip lift consultation with Dr. Hicks

Dr. Hicks offers a highly personalized lip lift surgery that starts with a thorough consultation. She examines your lips, discusses your concerns and goals, reviews your medical history, and presents a personalized treatment plan. Dr. Hicks will also share relevant Before & After pictures so you can better understand what to expect.

How is lip lift performed?

Dr. Hicks usually performs a lip lift under local anesthesia with some light oral sedation to ensure that patients are as comfortable as possible. She makes a small incision under the nose and removes a small strip of excess skin. In some cases, she may make an incision directly above the lips.

After making the incision, she elevates and adjusts the lips into a more youthful position. The incision is closed with very tiny sutures to help the incision heal as well as possible.

What can I expect after lip lift?

You can expect soreness, swelling, tenderness, numbness, and bruising around the lips after the procedure. You can resume most of your daily activities after a few days, but strenuous workouts should be avoided for about two weeks. During your consultation, Dr. Hicks and her team will provide a comprehensive overview of your aftercare guidelines to ensure optimal recovery with minimal side effects.

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Hicks

Dr. Kate Hicks is a fellowship-trained facial plastic surgeon committed to helping her patients look and feel youthful. She treats all her patients like family and only recommends procedures they truly need. Furthermore, her commitment to natural-appearing results ensures that you don’t have to worry about obvious signs of cosmetic work. Please schedule a consultation with Dr. Hicks to explore your lip lift options in Greenville, South Carolina.

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