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Sculpt a nose that suits your face and desires

If your nose doesn’t fit your face well, it can lead to a sense of disharmony or imbalance. Whether you’re dissatisfied with your natural nose shape or want to correct the damage caused by injuries or accidents, rhinoplasty can address your goals. Dr. Hicks offers a very personalized approach to rhinoplasty in Greenville surgery, resulting in a nose that fits your face and complements your other facial features. Because of her extensive training in both cosmetic and reconstructive nasal surgery, she is able to maintain or improve your breathing while also improving its appearance.

woman after rhinoplasty in Greenville

Benefits of rhinoplasty:

    • Improve the shape, size, and contours of the nose
    • Make your nose look more proportional to your face
    • Improve your overall facial harmony
      • Help you breathe more easily
      • Correct nasal deformities caused by accidents or injuries
      • Improve self-esteem and confidence

What is primary rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job, is one of the most popular surgical procedures in the United States. Rhinoplasty changes the shape, size, or general contours of your nose to improve symmetry and facial harmony. Individuals often pursue a rhinoplasty to correct nasal issues that negatively affect their self-esteem, such as a large bump on the nose or a drooping nasal tip.

In addition to improving the outside of the nose, a rhinoplasty in Greenville can also address deformities within the nose that cause functional problems, such as sinus infections and breathing problems. If your nose feels stuffy and congested, even when you’re not experiencing allergies or illness, you may have underlying structural issues that can be addressed with a rhinoplasty, such as a deviated septum. Dr. Hicks offers comprehensive surgeries to correct problems both outside and inside your nose, thus improving how you look and feel.

What is a suitable age for rhinoplasty?

In general, rhinoplasty can be performed once the nose has stopped or nearly stopped growing. For young women, this generally occurs around age 15; for young men, it may take another 1-2 years. However, there are many factors that Dr. Hicks takes into account before deciding whether or not to recommend surgery for a patient in this age range. Teenagers often pursue rhinoplasty because of functional or aesthetic problems that may attract unwanted attention and mockery from peers. During consultations, Dr. Hicks does a comprehensive evaluation, taking all factors into account, and determines whether or not to recommend a rhinoplasty.

Your rhinoplasty consultation with Dr. Hicks

During your consultation, Dr. Hicks will review your medical history, perform a thorough evaluation of your nose, and discuss your aesthetic and functional goals at length. She will also take your pictures and use advanced computer software to “morph” these images, allowing her to simulate surgical results. Dr. Hicks uses these simulated images to optimize communication with patients and develop a meticulous and personalized surgical plan.

This personalized surgical plan is designed to obtain a natural result, taking into consideration numerous factors, including your gender, overall build, ethnicity, age, concerns, and expectations. She ensures transparency at every stage of the surgical process, so that you know what to expect and are able to make an educated decision.

Can rhinoplasty fix my breathing problems?

A rhinoplasty in Greenville can certainly help if you’re suffering from breathing problems. In most cases, breathing problems arise because of a deviated septum, enlarged turbinates, or other structural irregularities within the nose. Any structural problems that Dr. Hicks encounters during surgery will be addressed accordingly. Septoplasty (straightening the septum), turbinate reduction, and nasal valve repair are procedures commonly performed in conjunction with a cosmetic rhinoplasty, in order to achieve functional and cosmetic improvement.

What can I expect after rhinoplasty?

You should expect some discomfort, bruising, and mild bleeding for the first week or two after your rhinoplasty surgery. You will also experience some swelling and numbness that may persist for several weeks. You may resume work and light exercise after a week, and you may slowly increase activity back to your normal level, starting about 10-14 days after surgery. In most cases, you should wait 4 weeks before wearing glasses and 6-8 weeks before participating in contact sports. Although the results will continue to improve over several months, most patients feel comfortable in social situations after a week or two. It can take several months for your nose to heal completely.

How is rhinoplasty performed?

Dr. Hicks performs your rhinoplasty in Greenville in her operating room under general anesthesia, so you won’t experience any pain or discomfort. The specific details of the surgery, including the type of incisions made and the maneuvers performed during the surgery, depend entirely on your individualized surgical plan. Generally speaking, Dr. Hicks can perform two types of rhinoplasty — open or closed.

      • Open Rhinoplasty: An open rhinoplasty involves making a small incision across the columella, which is continued on each side along the inner surface of the nostril. After your nose has been exposed, Dr. Hicks will perform all planned maneuvers and then meticulously close your incisions. The incision on your columella is the only “outside” skin incision and almost always heals imperceptibly. Due to the optimal exposure it provides, Dr. Hicks uses open rhinoplasty technique for the majority of her surgeries.
      • Closed Rhinoplasty: A closed rhinoplasty involves making small incisions inside the nostrils, through which Dr. Hicks makes the adjustments needed. This technique is only suitable for minor aesthetic changes to the shape of the nose.

Dr. Hicks will determine your personalized surgical plan after a thorough consultation. After making the necessary adjustments to your nasal shape, size, and structure, she will close the incisions with sutures. You will have some thin splints (not packing) inside your nose, as well as a cast on the outside of your nose.

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Dr. Kate Hicks is a board-certified and double fellowship-trained facial plastic surgeon specializing in rhinoplasty surgery. She provides a unique and comprehensive approach to rhinoplasty. Additionally, she and her team communicate with her patients every step of the way to ensure that patients feel completely comfortable throughout the process, from the initial consultation to the final recovery. Please schedule a consultation with Dr. Hicks to explore your rhinoplasty options in Greenville, South Carolina.

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